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Diesel Engine Parts

Diesel Engine Parts and Kits

ConEquip engines have many heavy equipment rebuilt diesel engines and diesel engine parts to chose from. Engine problems are very time consuming and ConEquip engines can decrease your down time by increasing your uptime with precision made diesel engine parts.

Partner with ConEquip engines for your diesel engine needs and our expert part representatives will find the best value for your situation. Whether you need a complete new or rebuilt drop in engine, rebuilt long blocks, diesel engine rebuild kits or internal engine parts, we can provide. Machine is down on the job and you are incurring a daily penalty, our complete drop in diesel engines will be the best solution for you. New or rebuilt complete engines are available for many types of construction equipment in a hurry. CAT, Cummins, Komatsu, CASE, Perkins and many more. Long blocks maybe your best cost effective solution for your business. They include block, head, crankshaft, rods and pistons. You only need to reuse your existing fuel components, exhaust, electrical, pan and front and rear covers. Individual Diesel engine parts are also available separately. Call upon one of our knowledgable ConEquip diesel engines specialist.

Have a little time in between jobs?.....Order a rebuild kit from ConEquip Diesel Engines.

Everything you will need to rebuild your diesel engine from cylinder head to crankshaft.

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Here is a list of some Engines we deal with:

Case Caterpillar Continental Cummins Detroit International John Deere Komatsu
Case G148 Caterpillar C12 Continental Z120 Cummins 4B3.9 Detroit 253 International B238 John Deere 115G Komatsu 4D95
Case G148B Caterpillar C15 Continental Z129 Cummins 4BT3.9 Detroit 353 International B275 John Deere 145D Komatsu S4D95
Case G159 Caterpillar 3054 Continental Z134 Cummins 4BTA3.9 Detroit 353N International BD144 John Deere 145G Komatsu 6D95L-1
Case G188B Caterpillar 3056 Continental F140 Cummins 6B5.9 Detroit 453 International BD154 John Deere 165D Komatsu S6D95L-1
Case G118D Caterpillar 3116 Continental Z145 Cummins 6BT5.9 Detroit Series 60 International C60 John Deere 180G Komatsu SA6D95L-1
Case 207D Caterpillar 3126 Continental F162 Cummins 6BTA5.9 Detroit 60 Series DDEC4 International C113 John Deere 202G Komatsu 6D105-1
Case 251G Caterpillar 3176 Continental F163 Cummins 6C8.3 Detroit 2-53 International C123 John Deere 404T Komatsu S6D102
Case 267D Caterpillar 3204 Continental G176 Cummins 6CT8.3 Detroit 3-53 International C135 John Deere 404A Komatsu SA6D102
Case 267BD Caterpillar 3208 Continental H260 Cummins 6CTA8.3 Detroit 3-53N International C146 John Deere 3029D Komatsu S4D102
Case 284G Caterpillar 3304 Continental N62 Cummins N14 Detroit 4-53 International C152 John Deere 3029T Komatsu SAA6D102
Case 284LP Caterpillar 3306 International C153 John Deere 4039D Komatsu 4D105
Case 301 Caterpillar 3402 International C157 John Deere 4039T Komatsu S4D105
Case 301D Caterpillar 3406 International C169 John Deere 4045D Komatsu 6D105
Case 301BD Caterpillar 3406A International C175 John Deere 4045T Komatsu S6D105-1
Case 336BD Caterpillar 3406B International C200 John Deere 6059D Komatsu S6D108
Case 336BDT Caterpillar 3406C International C221 John Deere 6059T Komatsu SA6D108
Case 377G Caterpillar 3406E International C248 John Deere 6068D Komatsu S6D110
Case 401D Caterpillar 3406A-B International C263 John Deere 6068T Komatsu SA6D110-1
Case 401BD Caterpillar 3412 International C264 John Deere 6076 Komatsu SA6D114
Case 401BDT Caterpillar 3602 International C291 John Deere 6076A Komatsu 6D125E-2
Case 451D Caterpillar 3604 International D155 John Deere 6076H Komatsu S6D125-1
Case 451BD Caterpillar 3608 International D179 John Deere 6076T Komatsu S6D125E-2
Case 451BDT Caterpillar 3612 International D188 John Deere 2.9D Komatsu S6D125E-3
Case 504BD International D206 John Deere 4.5D Komatsu SA6D125
Case 504BDT International D236 John Deere 4.5T Komatsu 4D130-1
Case 504BDTI International D239 John Deere 6.8D Komatsu S4D130-1
International D258 John Deere 6.8T Komatsu S6D140-1
International D268 John Deere 8.1 Komatsu SA6D140-1
International D282 John Deere 3.152D Komatsu SAA6D140-1
International D310 John Deere 3.164D Komatsu SAA12V140-1
International D312 John Deere 3.164G Komatsu S4D155
International D360 John Deere 3.179D Komatsu S6D155-1
International D361 John Deere 3.179T Komatsu S6D155-2
International D407 John Deere 4.202D Komatsu S6D155-3
International D436 John Deere 4.219D Komatsu S6D155-4
International D466 John Deere 4.219G Komatsu SA6D155-4
International DT239 John Deere 4.239D Komatsu S6D170-1
International DT407 John Deere 4.239T Komatsu SA6D170-1
International DT414 John Deere 4.270D
International DT429 John Deere 4.276D
International DT436 John Deere 4.276T
International DT466 John Deere 6.101A
International DT466B John Deere 6.101T
International DT466C John Deere 6.303D
International DT466E John Deere 6.329D
International DT817 John Deere 6.404D
International DTA466C John Deere 6.414D
International DTI466B John Deere 6.466A
International DTI466C John Deere 6.466D
International DVT573B John Deere 6.466T
International UD282 John Deere 6.531A
International V800 John Deere 6.531D
International 123 L4 John Deere 6.531T
International 301 L6 John Deere 6.619A
International 361 L6 John Deere 6.619T

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