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Transmission and Torque Converter

We provide transmission parts and complete transmissions for manufacturers such as ZF Transmission, Clark, Allison, CAT, CASE, Komatsu, and Deere.

Transmissions and torque converters that function properly continue to keep you productive. However, when shaft splines get stripped, clutch discs get wore or the fluid went unchecked, ConEquip Parts would like to help you get back up and running.

On most machines, there is a tag on the transmission with numbers on it which is great to write down before calling us to ensure accuracy.

Transmissions come in a variety of styles. There are hydrastatic, direct drive, power shift, shuttle shift styles and more. ConEquip Parts understands that there are many different styles of power units in construction equipment.  Backhoe loaders for instance have power shift transmission, shuttle shift transmission, hydrastatic transmission and transaxle style transmissions. Bull dozers also have a variety of styles such as direct drive transmissions with and without torque converters, hydrastatic transmissions and hydraulic transmissions. Wheel loader machines typically have a transmission with torque converter and pump drives. Off road trucks transmissions are similar to a wheel loader style of power train.

Call us at 1-888-998-2095

A parts specialist is waiting to help you find what you're looking for!


Call us at 1-888-998-2095

A parts specialist is waiting to help you!

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